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I'm sure by the end of the day you will be able to accept a much larger range of treatment. Clinical manipulation here at the #BaronessEssex's Royal Infirmary. With anal play such a strong desire amongst so many of you there is a right way and a wrong way to ensure you accept a cornucopia of different sized phallus. It is after all the your Owner and Alpha Female in your life to have your derriere as is Her desire. Here at my Royal Infirmary #Fetishhospital we can help you relax into ever larger intrusions evening #fisting! With #Segufix and many other #Medicalrestraint's on hand you won't be able to squirm away from the warm advances of your #sexydoctor!


Now that the festive season is but a dim memory in every beta male's head, January is the ideal time to reinforce positive behaviour patterns in putting your Mistress first and your own indulgent needs squarely on the back burner.

An exercise on what the outcome might be should you not be malleable enough or committed enough to your Alpha Female is a valuable lesson you would be lucky to receive.

I can imagine you spent time not just feasting on festive calorific foods, but also relieving and indulging your ever demanding birth defect. Well that appendage needs to know the true cost of indulgence. Sharp prolonged pain is the ideal tool and the ideal trigger point.

Clamped firmly in place now engorged, lets be honest you are not going to outrun me with the cock stocks bolted down and the blood flow cannot now escape. With so much swelling you look a little more impressive than your normal showing. Sandwiched between two pieces of cold steel it makes the appendage both vulnerable and oh so sensitive. Even rolling back the foreskin sends shivers all over you body. And the appearance of panicked absolute tears when I suggest that the head should be caned! Reaffirmed with the swish of my cane less than an inch from your urethra.

A reaction only bettered by the first high pitched shrill from your sobbing mouth as my cane hits just over the Corpus spongiosum. Maybe the mistake was yours. Maybe you should have implored your Dominatrix to keep you firmly locked up in your chastity cage. An experienced slave knows his cage is part of him. It keeps him safe and out of trouble. His psychology changes. Be becomes a more attentive submissive, a truly obedient boy ever eager to please. Stimulating his Alpha Female with commitment that inspires reward!

Be a wise beta male in 2024 and keep yourself locked up.


Isn't it time to re-enter the place where you truly belong! Serve your #BaronessEssex Well!


Listed here you will find my updates, availability and travel plans. I will also look to describe my thoughts and fantasies that are the fabric of my life


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