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I am proud of my Englishness. I have been lucky enough to experience what would be considered a privileged upbringing and the trappings of being part of a family that could trace its bloodline back for generations.

I was packed off to Boarding School at a young age, followed by Finishing School and of course University. I grew up in the type of institutions that propagate the importance of discipline, duty and an eye for detail. These are lessons and ideals that have been ever present and continue to shape my life.

As a girl maturing into a young lady I quickly learnt the power of one’s own sexuality, recognising the influence it can wield. The sheer eroticism of the Power exchange taking place in my life was always beckoning me to a life of Female Supremacy.

Being an Alpha female is hereditary, Female supremacy is a realisation. The willingness of males to bend to my will left intimate ‘vanilla’  liaisons as somewhat unfulfilling, thus spurring me on to find ever more creative solutions to my needs.

Following University I spent some time working my way up the corporate ladder slaying many a young executive on route.

It was somewhat inevitable that I should eventually branch out on my own and set up my own business. A concern that to date has given me the finer trappings of life and allowed me to live the Female led lifestyle I want.

Allowing individuals, submissive or otherwise, into my world is part of the journey. A vocation potentially, where expenses are covered, but the reward to you for pleasing me should be euphoric.

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