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Psychology and mind games are all good and well, but is there anything more effective than a good sound over the knee thrashing? My entourage and those that serve in and around my Residence know well enough about the power a strong Woman can possess. Especially when equipped with the right weapon for the job. Ambidexterity in my case adds a certain jeopardy to your plight.

When over my lap it fascinates me to feel your appendage resting so close to my thighs. I often wonder whether it will shrivel at your humiliation or grow due to the erotic charge stemming from the situation you find yourself in. I cannot help but hope for the latter on the basis that having a hard cock to paddle offers me a certain satisfaction. Oh the joy of seeing your eyes liquefy at the first impact.

But as with rewards and bonus, discipline is as justly deserved. That is not to say I do not like to make life challenging for my slaves. There is always plenty of scope for you to fall short. Traps to fall foul of. Hesitancy in executing a command or commitment to it will quickly find your derriere changing to a crimson state.

Bravery, sincerity and loyalty will always gain favour hiding behind an email will not.

I hope you all enjoy the little attached film clip. I enjoy my tennis and as some of you have found out I like to use a male slave as target practice. Especially if I feel my aim is a little off.

You can of course see the complete film at I am sure you want to delve a little further into my world which you can do at


Wishing my many wonderful friends and slaves a happy Independence day and also to my Canadians to for Monday gone. You are all so dear to me and will always be in my heart. I am looking forward to being back with you all very soon.


You may like to know that The Greater Good, my latest film is out now at I think proved a valuable lesson to the particular slave that was filming with me.

Deviation from my instructions can have it's own jeopardy and the lesson required for reinforcing will always be generous in it's application as you will see when watching.

I want you to imagine yourself in his situation and how you would serve me that much better. To subscribe go to


Listed here you will find my updates, availability and travel plans. I will also look to describe my thoughts and fantasies that are the fabric of my life


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