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As the bolt drops behind you on the imposing door of the Baroness’s primary Dungeon your senses may just overwhelm you. The pungent smell of Leather and Rubber will fill your nostrils!


Everywhere you look if you haven’t already been hooded you will see some imposing item of furniture mostly bespoke to the Baroness’s exacting requirement’s. Cathedral like in its dimensions ideal for suspension like no other space yet still intimate in its feel. Lavishly quipped you will find the following equipment and furniture.



Bondage Bed      Bondage rack - Double ended      Bondage chair      CBT stocks

Double cage      Gibbet cage      Gyno bench      Penis Guillotine (faux castration)

Revolving Fetters wheel x 2      Smother box      St Andrews cross      Stocks

Suspension (World class)      Toilet box      Whipping bench      Whipping horse x 2



Fucking Machine, Impaler, Locking metal anal spreader/pear, Strapons various sizes, Plugs & Beads various sizes & inflatable, Probes - electrified


CP / Impact

Canes - care of The English Cane Company



Tawse & Straps

Domestic CP implements including Carpet Beaters, Paddles, hairbrushes & rulers


Bondage/ Restraint

Selection of leather wrist and ankle cuffs, spreader bars, mummification wrap, rope, chain, clips and connectors, arm binders, Sleep sack, Heavy bondage leathers, Vac Bed (Double)


Breath Play / Hoods

Gas masks (British & Russian), bags, rebreather , Various hoods including sensory deprevation


CBT/ Nipple play

Cock stocks, cock corset, Humbler, clips, pegs, sounds weights, multiple clamps encluding electrified, Kallis teeth, parachute (pinned), Wartenburg Wheels


Chastity Devices

Bon 4, CB 3000, CB6000, Impaler Stainless Steel Chastity tube, Jailhouse, spiked chamber , Seed pod,  and lots more




'E-Stim' electrics system and attachments, including bands, Urethral, nipple clamps and Anal probs, Electrified Humbler, Electrified Strap-on, Tzapper - Cattle prod

Violet wand Kit multi strength, multiple attachments



Serious Kit milking Machine, Venus 2000 Milking Machine, Medical grade vacumn pump


Iron Work

Ankle & Wrist Manacles, Cravat, Head cage, Iron collars, Malay boot




Selection of lingerie, wigs, make-up, false eyelashs, huge selction of nail polish, shoes, clothes etc


Puppy Training 

Bowls, Cage bowls, leads, treats, collars, clicker training kit



Blindfolds, Gags - ball, bit, funnel & penis, Collars, leads, sensory play equipment including feathers, furs, ice and wax


Toilet Training

Funnel Gag, Rubber 'piss' gag, Commode, Toilet box

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