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Suffer in elegant surroundings

My Residence is considered by many to be one of Europes Finest, boasting two well-equipped and atmospheric dungeons. A Fetish Hospital and Asylum, Sissy room and Prison Block. All of my equipment is of the highest quality and hygiene. This is not some commercial space where you feel as though you are part of a conveyor belt, This is a Residence used by just me, designed with my needs in mind. A place of occasional ecstasy and frequent suffering. Sessions end when I decide.


For those of a more delicate persuasion I have a well equipped suite dedicated to sissification. Hair, make up and nails can all be taken care of, along with an extensive wardrobe to make you feel your best.


Naughty school boys will feel a certain familiarity in my classroom or Study. Sessions can also be taken in a domestic setting.

Baroness Essex Sissy Room


Arguably the finest and certainly the largest Fetish Hospital or Klinik around. Conceived by Doctors and Medical professionals staffed by trained personnel every procedure you endure at the Royal Infirmary will be both authentic and safe, many of which are only executed here at the hospital!

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