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An audience with me, should be considered a privilege. You will be the perfect gentleman and mindful of your manners at all times whilst in my presence.

You will arrive promptly for our session. There is plenty of parking at my residence and the trains take a mere thirty five minutes from Central London. You will of course be clean and well turned out.


Our time will be spent exploring the darkest recesses of your psyche. Heightening your escapism whilst melding my own cruel intentions to your own needs and wants.

I will revel in your impending fate and delight in your ultimate desire to submit. I will be empathetic to your needs, but I will always push you!


A good submissive is a valued asset in the same way you would cherish a race horse or an exotic sports car.

Slaves who impress me during our initial sessions may be allowed to interview for a lifestyle role serving me.

I will entertain requests for shopping trips or domestic servitude.  I will also consider requests for financial slavery and key holding.

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