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There is no better way to start my week than an invigorating 'fuck,' After returnning from the gymnasim I am feeling pumped and you know you are about to also! The contrast between my shiny red rubber catsuit and the resplendent ten inch phallus are a feast for the eyes. You catch a glimpse before being strapped down to my newest fucking horse. I am attempt at easing the biggest objects into the tightest of holes and you are no different. Your outlook will change soon enough accepting that at that moment you are My bitch.


It is always nice to have two slaves serve me in tandem. Sissy's of course are used to consuming may involentarily produce, but how would you cope with a forced bi situation. Knowing you must pleasure your fellow slaves as he may pleasure you simply to arouse excite and amuse me. Of course we both know the answer to my command would be yes Baroness!


Listed here you will find my updates, availability and travel plans. I will also look to describe my thoughts and fantasies that are the fabric of my life


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