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Taking control of your head, And Your Heart!

A passion to submit is something that clearly makes sense. It is a feeling so closely bound to your sexuality that you will never ever be able to truly suppress what is essentially a need in you.

Is it more to you than simply seeing a Strong Woman in a pair of Leather thigh high boots and stockings demanding you kiss and lick every last inch of her five inch heels?

More over a need for your partner or strong Alpha Female to set the tone. To explain to you exactly what she expects from you, what your duties are. To be praised when you meet Her high standards and accept unconditional Punishment when you inevitably fail.

She calls the shots in your life she sets your boundaries and in no time at all will enjoy rigorously enforcing them.

Her brain is practical and pragmatic better suited to running your collective world effectively. Yes you have so many wonderful qualities but you focus is better under instruction. You are there to make life effortless, to bring your Alpha pleasure which in time you will do with aplomb.

To be able to do these things will make you feel safe and secure knowing the grown up has your best interests in mind and for that you will submit to Her for your contentment and wellbeing.

How many of you wish so much that you could be on the end of your Wife or Girlfriends leash? Rather than the awkward cold silences when you disappoint Her as you so often do. Surely you would prefer your failure to be noted in the punishment book that she keeps for you and always close to hand. Ready for reference when when instigating your Sunday morning discipline. As you are strapped naked over Her bench you will be remorseful but grateful for the lesson to come.

If this is would you crave? Why not be honest with your partner you may be pleasantly surprised by Her reaction. You may also be surprised how she embraces the new dynamic!

Not to many headlines of course. Just ask Her to take the lead giving Her a little more information as you both develop. There is plenty of resource of how to approach but be true to yourself and most importantly your Wife. These feelings will never leave you so embrace them and be satisfied!

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