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There is a moment of personal satisfaction when I feel you body betray itself and emit a small projection of shock as the cold steel of a moderately sized #electrifiedbuttplug breaks through your back doors and nestles comfortably in your now anxious anus. Your tight little sphincter pulses at the same rate of your now quickening breathing all the time doing it's best to expel the cold steel from your male #fuckhole. You are of course all to aware that should it depart your body a large paddle will quickly decent onto your now vulnerable cheeks. A timely reminder to always Serve your #BaronessEsssex Well!


After all there a New Year beckons! Those nice people at have been filming hard over the past few months I should know as their cameras have been trained on me. I would recommend subscribing to see just how I live my life as a #LifestyleDominatrix


Listed here you will find my updates, availability and travel plans. I will also look to describe my thoughts and fantasies that are the fabric of my life


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