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Learning to know when it's appropriate to focus on that exact bit of floor!

There has always been a consistent influx of slaves and beta males from across the globe with a view to escaping their vanilla lives. I am delighted to say that I am regularly graced with slaves from all continents not just the United Kingdom and Europe. As you know my Residence offers a true Female Led realm set over many acres and away from prying eyes.

One thing that has struck me over the years is etiquette or in some quarters the lack of! How you approach an Alpha Female is so important and whether it is a prelude to a session or engaging with a Female in everyday life first impressions are so important. As the saying goes Manners Maketh man!

There is reference to how to approach me on my contacts page, but I would like to point out the following. And do please note that every Dominatrix or Alpha Female will be different.

You will always be courteous. 'Good morning, good afternoon, good evening Baroness, dependant on the time of day, is always a must. Following every basic instruction will also make for a wonderful experience for you. We do after all know best and make every attempt at freeing you decision making.

Always address me as Madame, Ma'am or Baroness. My personal preference, but some Ladies of course prefer Mistress or Herrin.

What I am not is 'Love, Darling' or god forbid 'Babe!' There is always plenty of scope to ensure that you reflect on your approach should you address me as such.

It isn't hard to find the right balance given that you will always find me engaging, warm and considerate. I genuinely have an interest in your wellbeing and development.

One particular slave last week found his milking session became that extra bit challenging. He wasn't expecting a thirty minutes of pre milking cock caning. Apparently a red raw engorged appendage isn't at all pleasant, even a healthy dose of lube can irritate. How it did excite me watching him cum and cry simultaneously.

Upon leaving he was bereft of his usual cheeky chappie persona. There was no 'fanks babe for a emptying my load,' 'Fantastic as always love!' No instead he was impressive enough to accept the lesson and thank Madame. Kissing my patent black five inch pumps and immediately and POLITELY REQUESTED if he may be able to be booked in for another date to serve.

I allowed his request noting his progress, but still declined in allowing him to receive some cooling ointment for his birth defect. I concluded the drive home would offer ample reflection on the benefits of addressing your Alpha Female appropriately.

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