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The only thing worse than being blind is sight but no vision! Hellen Keller.

The Slaves, submissives and beta males whilst nervous about their fate and ensuing ordeal so often visibly relax when they enter my realm. As the gates of my Estate close behind them they know that they are entering a part of the world that is completely controlled by Women. That relaxation likely stems from the notion that any given submissive can simply be themselves.

But why should that notion leave when you are dismissed from my Residence. There are so many of you that now live the lifestyle so why can you not join their ranks? Whilst not all Wives and partners will be conducive to the idea of calling the shots within your relationship you would be surprised at how many are.

So often the male brain works in such a way that can be frustrating to Women so encouraging to take control of your relationship may be an absolute blessing to Her. A euphoric moment that not only realises all of your dreams but importantly helps Her to flourish.

What I would stress is that you do NOT blurt out your deepest darkest desires on day one. Your desire to be on the receiving end of a strap on every night may come as a bit of a shock! Too many headlines can scare a person off.

Simply have the vision to be open and honest and always encourage your Partner. Confess when you have got things wrong and present Her with positive choices. Always go out of your way to make Her life easier and respect the Feminine authority all Women possess. Thank and pamper Her and in no time at all you may just find yourself collared and content.

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